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FBL Tajikistan Garment Factory Opening Ceremony 08/21/2020

Dear Donors,

It is with great pleasure to share the 2019 FBL Annual Report. As you will see that FBL Pakistan and FBL Tajikistan made tremendous progress in 2019 compared to previous years.
This all was possible due to your financial support. Please continue your support for 2020 and beyond.

FBL Tajikistan Graduation Ceremony 2019

FBL Tajikistan Graduation Ceremony 2019

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FBL Showcases its Work to People of Dushanbe Tajikistan


On April 22, 2018 FBL Pakistan held a graduation ceremony for the beneficiaries of the Tailoring Classes in Karachi, Pakistan. The function was held at Gul-E-Rana Nusrat Community Center near FBL Office/Training Center.

Mr. Amin Tejani, Chairman, Social Welfare Board for USA was the keynote speaker. The Program started with reading of verses of Quran followed by its translation.

Mr. Jalal Morani, a trustee of FBL Pakistan, welcomed the guests; followed by Presentation FBL’s work using variety of vehicles to alleviate poverty.

In his remarks, Mr. Amin Tejani admired the work of FBL and advised the passing graduates to work hard and save money. He reminded them that it was just the beginning and not an end. He went on further and told them to use the saved money for their further education and also use for providing education and also for their respective siblings.

Ms. Mahmooda Afroz, the principal of Nursing College of Lady Dufferin Hospital spoke and shared the expressions on the faces of of the beneficiaries receiving their first pay check which brought tears of joy in the eyes of audience.

Later the certificates were distributed to the passing grads and Beneficiaries of Midwifery School were also recognized. The program was ended with a vote of thanks by FBL Trustee, Mr. Iqbal Parvez and light refreshment was served to the students and guests.

The other important even took place in April was the signing of Memorandum of Understanding. Under this MOU, The First Micro Finance Bank will grant loans up to 100,000 rupees to FBL selected beneficiaries to start their new business or stabilized and improve their businesses. These loans are interest free and the beneficiaries will be charged only 4% service fees by FMFB for servicing the loan accounts. The total aggregate lending limit is set for Ten Million Rupees loans for FBL beneficiaries.

FBL is providing education, skills, and other services to alleviate poverty. Currently it is working in Pakistan and Tajikistan. Over 800 families have been supported since year 2010. Currently over 50 students of Midwifery, Nursing and BSN are being supported in Pakistan, mostly from Chitral. Your Donation given to FBL is tax deductible under section 501 (c) 3.


FBL Tajik Cultural Event – January 2018

January 20, 2018 added a new chapter in The Foundation for a Better Life’s history, when a Tajik Cultural Event took place at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in London, U.K.
The event was sponsored by the Chairman of The Foundation for a Better Life USA. The Chairman’s Tajik friend Mumtaz, who resides in the United Kingdom, marketed the event through social media and also made arrangements for music, dance performances, and display of Tajik crafts. The response to the Tajik Cultural Event was overwhelming, with almost 100 people in attendance.

The guests were comprised mostly of Tajiks representing several nations, including Tajiks from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and China. The event received a warm reception from visitors, who expressed appreciation and provided positive feedback indicating that FBL initiatives will make a significant impact on reducing unemployment for people in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).

The primary purpose of holding the event was to bring together Tajiks living in the United Kingdom into a socially interactive setting, and to create awareness among them about the work of FBL in Tajikistan.

The Chairman of the Foundation for a Better Life, Mr. Jalal Sultan, shared the following information with the audience:
1. The Foundation was registered on August 17, 2017 in Khorog, Tajikistan, and since then has established an office, a Training Center, and a Multipurpose Resource Center.
2. FBL Tajikistan has started two homebased pilot projects – a bakery project and a dumpling project – both being operated by women in Khorog.
3. FBL has trained eight other women in art of tailoring, and as a result of the training, all of them have found employment.
4. In addition to the above, FBL started English language teaching classes for
Bartang Valley students who are currently studying at State University in Khorog. These students first learn English, and then teach the language to students in their own respective villages.
The presentation was very well received by the audience. Some guests even expressed their desire to see FBL expand its work into Afghanistan.

After the questions and answers session, Mr. Dagi Dagiev from Tajikistan welcomed
guests and explained the importance of this golden chain which connects people
through an institution such as FBL. He thanked the Chairman for establishing FBL in
Tajikistan and for the positive impact FBL has made on several Tajik communities. Mr.
Dagiev encouraged the audience to become involved in the foundation through
funding-raising and volunteering.

Before concluding, he introduced Dr. Abdul La’lzad, a professor at London South
Bank University who is originally from Kishim, Badakhshan in Afghanistan.

Dr. La’lzad referred to a phrase from the FBL Presentation ‒ “A thousand miles
journey starts with the first step” ‒ and said that “if everybody takes a small step to
help the people, we can achieve great things.” He emphasized the importance of
helping vulnerable populations by supporting organizations such as FBL.
Additionally, Dr. La’lzad invited the FBL Chairman to consider expansion into
Afghanistan. He pointed out that since FBL is already present in Khorog, and
Afghanistan is just on the other bank of the river, only a small bridge needs to be

Finally, Mr. Nizam Abdulla, the former Vice President of Aga Khan Council UK,
spoke about geographical similarities between Tajikistan and Northern
Pakistan. He explained how the valley of Hunza was transformed, from being
the region with the lowest per capita income in Pakistan to now having per
capita income above the national average, as a result of AKDN intervention in
developing this remote part of the country.
The program ended with social interaction, cultural dances, and music.
About FBL:

The Foundation for a Better Life was established in USA in 2011. It is a non-profit & tax-exempt institution and has a presence in three countries: USA, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. The sole purpose of FBL is to alleviate poverty by using various means, including training, education, access to micro credit, micro entrepreneurship, and developing innovative solutions suited to the specific needs of beneficiaries. It also abides by the laws of the countries it operates in. It does not discriminate by color, caste, creed, gender, or political affiliation. Over seven hundred families have been served since its establishment.

To share your resources or volunteering yourself, please contact the USA office.

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