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FBL Tajikistan Graduation Ceremony 2019

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FBL Showcases its Work to People of Dushanbe Tajikistan

FBL’s First Four Months of Operation in Khorog, Tajikistan

Building off its success in Pakistan, FBL expanded its operations in September 2017 with
the launch of projects in the city of Khorog in the Gorno-Badakshan region of Tajikistan.
Below are some accomplishments from FBL Tajikistan’s first four months of operation.

Mohbegim is the first beneficiary of FBL in Tajikistan. She was provided with a bakery unit
to start making bread from home. Previously, she was unemployed and had incurred debt.
Now she has income from bread production and sales, and she is also able to pay off her debt. In an interview shortly after starting her home based bakery, Mohbegim praised FBL’s involvement in improving her situation. In a week, she already used three bags of flour, and in her opinion, had very favorable results. “I have already established connections in the market. Some shops are already selling my bread and even friends and neighbors are buying directly from my home. InshaAllah baking and selling will be even better in future”, declared Mohbegim.

Sophia, another beneficiary of FBL Tajikistan, was provided with the necessary tools and a
freezer to start making dumplings. She uses fresh ingredients to produce the dumplings  and sells them in the local market. She has also hired another local woman to assist her in the production. Sophia’s husband makes 600 Somoni in his government job, and the family pays 550 Somoni to rent their home. The additional income Sophia now generates is helping this family, not only to survive, but also to save money and expand the dumpling business.

FBL Tajikistan trained eight women in tailoring art. Two of them are working in the  trainer’s shop, two started their own business, and two other beneficiaries are employed with them. As of now, six families have increased their income as a result of the training
program. The remaining two are expected to find contract work with other tailors or work at FBL’s new production center, which will be opening in the near future.

FBL Tajikistan began English language classes for students of Bartang Valley who are studying at the Khorog campus of the University of Central Asia. FBL is expecting them to teach English to other students back in their villages during summer break. The program is being conducted at FBL’s new resource center.

In December 2017, FBL received ten new pieces of equipment (ovens, dough mixers) from
China. The new equipment will enable FBL Tajikistan to start ten additional bread-making projects, with the principal focus this time being on districts and villages.

FBL Tajikistan has identified the following areas for distribution of the equipment.
❖ Roshqala District
❖ Gund
❖ Village Khun ❖ Rushon
❖ Khufak ❖ Ishkoshim
❖ Darmorakht ❖ Porshinev
❖ Nosiri Khusrav ❖ Yomj

In February 2018, FBL Tajikistan will launch the first five projects. Prior to starting, FBL
Tajikistan Treasurer, Mr. Daler Kubodbekov, will provide one week of business training to the selected candidates. The remaining five projects will begin in March 2018. The FBL  Tajikistan team recently visited Roshqala District and Khun village to interview those who have applied for the bread projects, and the selection process will soon be underway. Consideration will be given to applicants who are genuinely poor and demonstrate the willingness and ability to implement the projects successfully.

FBL Tajikistan opened its office in October 2017. In addition to the office, an FBL Training
Center and Resource Center were also established.